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Tryg toppar alla kategorier i Regis IR Nordic Markets

Christer Gardells RSAs potentiella köpare Tryg har utsetts till Danmarks bästa bolag av analytiker.

Det danska försäkringsbolaget Tryg har vunnit hela tre utmärkelser i årets utgåva av regis IR Nordic Markets; Tryg har utsetts till Best company, Morten Hubbe till Best CEO, och Gianandrea Roberti till Best IRO. Det framgår av ett pressmedddelande. Sammanlagt har 250 finansanalytiker deltagit i Regis undersökning, vilken granskat 90 bolag. I Sverige röstades Volvo fram till Best Company, medan Emmett Harrison på Swedish Match utsågs till Best ITO och numera avgångna Tele2-vd Anders Nilsson till Best CEO.

Tryg aviserade i november att bolaget överväger att, tillsammans med kanadensiska Intact, förvärva Christer Gardells RSA:s globala verksamhet för 4,2 miljarder pund och därmed bilda det största börsnoterade sakförsäkringsbolaget i  Skandinavien.

– Inget nytt har hänt i sammanhanget utan vi väntar på RSAs aktieägarnas omröstning 19 januari 2021, säger Tanja Frederiksen, Kommunikationschef, Tryg og Alka, till realtid.

Marlène Sellebråten, Realtid
Uppdaterad 2020-12-17
Publicerad 2020-12-17

Information discount and the changing landscape

In recent years, the number of analysts have declined steadily. At the same there have been many IPOs. This makes it more important than ever to properly communicate with the finance market to avoid a potential information discount. Clearly, the shrinking analyst body gets more to do and less time for each company. And this in combination with more communication channels and a higher media noise than ever.

In this year’s study it is not only transparency and clarity/consistency that is requested. Analysts also want help with interpretation of the communication in a softer from. They want ”Comments”, ”Notes”, ”Color”, ”Granularity”, ”Summaries” to help understand the value and impact the information will have on the share. We didn’t see this a few years ago, and it shows how strict fact based valuation is transforming into ”Behavioral valuation”. This will pose new demands on the companies’ financial communication.


Johan Chasseur – Director of Business
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ICA Gruppen and Gränges best in Sweden in financial communication

According to analysts that participate in Regi’s annual evaluation of public companies Investor Relations function ICA Gruppen (Large) and Gränges (Mid) are the Swedish companies that receive highest score from the analysts that actively follow the companies.

The 19th edition of IR Nordic Markets include 129 public Nordic companies. The evaluation consists of over 20 criteria, from annual report and website to relations with and trust for top management.

Best Companies in Finland are Kemira (Large) and YIT (Mid). For Denmark it is Genmab (Large) and ALK-Abelló (Mid). Norway top scorers are Ocean Yield (Large) and Borregaard (Mid). And in Sweden ICA Gruppen (Large) and Gränges (Mid).

If we look at the criteria CEO top positions for each country are: Tomra Systems – Stefan Ranstrand (NO), Borregaard – Per A. Sørlie (NO), Huhtamäki – Jukka Moisio (FI), Finnair – Pekka Vauramo (FI), Genmab – Jan G. J. van de Winkel (DK), GN Store Nord – Peter Justesen (DK).

First positions for the criteria IRO are: GN Store Nord – Peter Justesen (DK), Kemira – Olli Turunen (FI), Finnair – Kati Kaksonen (FI), Ocean Yield – Marius Magelie (NO), Borregaard – Jørn Syvertsen (NO), Swedish Match – Emmett Harrison (SE), Cloetta – Jacob Broberg (SE) .

We would also like to mention the criteria CFO where Cloetta’s Danko Maras scores highest in the whole Nordics closely followed by Ocean Yield’s Eirik Eide and Tomra’s Espen Gundersen.

Research agreement between Stockholm School of Economics and Regi

During the spring of 2016 an agreement was made between Stockholm School of Economics and Regi Research & Strategi. The agreement gives Stockholm School of Economics access to Regi’s data from IR Nordic Markets for research within their Department of Accounting. The agreement is mutually beneficial as it gives Stockholm School of Economics actual data from 1998 to 2015 for approximately 150 Nordic Large- and Mid-Cap companies. For Regi this agreement facilitates that the data is used to possibly find more and extensive insights about Nordic companies’ financial communication and its effect on the share and the financial market. The agreement aims to result in publications from June 2016 and onwards.


Two initial essays were finished in June 2016:


Hanna Setterberg, Assistant Professor at Stockholm School of Economics

“There is a large academic field concerned with how stock market prices react to accounting information. Within this field, financial analysts’ perceptions about accounting quality and managements’ trustworthiness is of big interest. It is however very unusual to be able to measure these variables and that is why we are very pleased to get access to the data collected by REGI.  Our hope is to be able to contribute to the existing research within this field and these two student essays is a very good start.”

Johan Chasseur, Director of Business at Regi:

“We are extremely pleased about the interest Stockholm School of Economics has shown for our data. Since 1998 we have collected quantitative and qualitative data and observations from the financial market and we know there could be many interesting observations and insights to find in the data besides our own. “


About IR Nordic Markets: IR Nordic Markets is a perception study of Nordic Investor Relations that has been carried out since 1998. In the study Regi Research & Strategi gathers data worldwide from sell-side analysts that cover Nordic listed companies. The analysts are asked to evaluate the IR function at the companies they cover on several criteria essential for good IR, and around 600 analysts participate on an annual basis.

IR Nordic Markets identifies trends and changes in analysts’ perception of the companies’ Investor Relations. The evaluations also result in a ranking containing the best performing IR functions in the Nordic region. But most importantly, the result provides Regi’s clients with company specific feedback which are used to prioritize and improve their IR work.


De är Sveriges bästa bolag