Nordic IR-managers representing companies of all sizes are regularly interviewed through the survey IRO Insight.

In 2021, we investigated the effects from the covid-19 crisis and its impact on investor relations.

This year, 50 IRO:s has given their view on how they have dealt with investor relations, and the impact of the pandemic is severe. There has been ”more dialogue with investors and analysts overall” and ”more new experiences than ever before: profit warning, withdrawal of dividend, different AGM set-up”, according to one of the respondents.

Building relations online, especially new ones, is seen as the greatest challenge with regards to handling of the IR for the months to come. Virtual conferences, meetings and road-shows are now established and a minority of the IRO:s believes that things will go back to business as it was pre-corona when the pandemic has passed.

Increased uncertainty (macroeconomic, market, risk/cost) and communicating the future are also listed as challenges in investor relations.

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